The Rocky Mountain Soaring Association (RMSA) has been Denver's foremost model sailplane club since 1976. We are a A.M.A. chartered club with over 80 members. Among our current and former members we have:
Welcome To The World Of Soaring!
One of the U.S.'s three world champions in model soaring

Skip Miller
U.S. Absolute sailplane altitude record holder (7,717')
Mark Howard
U.S. F3B speed record holder
Jack Sasson
One of the U.S.'s three world champions in model soaring
Lenny Keer
President  Bruce Martin (303) 249-7272
Vice-President Bob Pederson 303-929-9883
Treasurer  Bill Beamer  303-594-3653
Secretary  Jim DeGroot (720) 273-2208
Newsletter Editor  Mark Howard (720) 273-2208
Field Manager  John Lovins (303) 466-0817
Hand Launch Bob Pederson (970) 532-3437
F3B  Skip Miller (720) 231-4400
F3J Jim Monaco 303-906-6965
... and the noted soaring columnist Byron Blakeslee.
We can offer the beginning flier a wealth of information and experience to help make his or her inaugural flight a success. We normally fly at our primary club field - a large sod farm near Barr Lake. Club membership is required to fly at the field unescorted. Current A.M.A. membership is required by ALL pilots. Training sessions are conducted at the field on most Saturdays, weather permitting. Launching equipment and experienced instruction will usually be available at these times. Other training times may be arranged with any instructor. For directions to the field, or if you have questions about building, flying, or trimming your sailplane, feel free to contact one of the club members listed below. We have a checklist that covers many of the items that can "make or break" your first flight. We will be happy to mail this checklist to you so that your first trip to the field can be an enjoyable experience.
Club members fly a variety sailplanes, including thermal duration, slope, scale, hand-launch, cross-country and F3B. We have specialists who can assist you with these specific styles of flying. RMSA also conducts competitive events to help promote flying excellence.
Events are scheduled monthly during flying season. Club meetings are held as needed  and the location of the meeting varies and is published in the newsletter prior to the meeting. Interested parties can contact the club President ) for details of the next meeting.