Operate as pilot in command of a sport pilot eligible aircraft
• Carry a passenger and share expenses (fuel, oil, airport expenses, and aircraft rental);
Fly during the daytime using visual flight rules (VFR). Three statute miles visibility and visual contact with the ground are required.
Cross-country flying anywhere in the U.S.
Fly up to 10,000 feet above mean sea level (MSL) or 2,000 feet above ground level (AGL), whichever is higher.
Fly solo or with one passenger.
Share operating expenses with another person.
Fly in Class E and G airspace (and B, C, and D airspace with appropriate training).
Allows sport pilots to fly production (standard airworthiness certificate) and experimental amateur-built aircraft that meet the definition of a light-sport aircraft.
Allows rental of special light-sport aircraft (S-LSA).
Rocky Mountain Soaring Association
Constitution and By-Laws

Article 1 Objectives

Section 1

To promote the building, sport flying, and competition flying of radio controlled model sailplanes.

Section 2

To conform to the general policies of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA), Washington, D.C., and their regulations governing model sailplane flying and contests as per current AMA rule book.

Section 3

To aid insofar as practicable the national program of AMA with a view towards advancement of model aviation in all its phases in the United States.

Article 2 AMA Charter

Section 1

The Rocky Mountain Soaring Association is an AMA chartered club and all members of the club must also be members of the AMA.

Article 3 Election of officers and their duties

Section 1 - Election

Election of Officers shall be held at the first meeting in October. Nominations shall be made by a committee appointed by the President for that purpose and shall be presented at the first meeting in September. Nominating committee shall consist of two board members and two senior members. Nominations will additionally be accepted from the floor at the first meeting in October. Any member who receives a majority of votes cast (providing a quorum is present) shall be deemed to be elected.

Section 2 - Officers Term

All officers shall serve for one year beginning with the first meeting in December and ending with the meeting in November. The President and Vice President shall not be eligible to succeed themselves for more than two consecutive years.

Section 3 - Officers and their duties

A. President - the President shall:

1. Preside at all club meetings.
2. Act as spokesperson for the club in all matters pertaining to club business.
3. Appoint all special committees.
4. Appoint a nominating committee.

B. Vice President - the Vice President shall:

1. Act in all matters for the President when the President is unable to serve.
2. Act as parliamentarian at all club meetings providing official interpretation of the constitution and by-laws as required.

C. Secretary - the Secretary shall:

1. Keep attendance at all club meetings and Board of Directors meetings.
2. Provide written minutes of said meetings as an official record of this club paying particular attention to details of motions and seconds which are duly passed.
3. Append a written copy of all said documents to the official copy of the constitution and by-laws.

D. Treasurer - the Treasurer shall:

1. Collect all monies due the club.
2. Keep a record of all monies received or disbursed.
3. Safeguard the assets of the club at all times.
4. Make his book available for inspection by any qualified member of the club to be appointed by the President.
5. Notify members in arrears in dues.
6. The Treasurer and other officers will be authorized to make financial transactions.

Section 4 - Board of Directors

Consists of all four elected officers and the immediate Past-President and is empowered to establish the basic policies of this club. It will take all necessary steps to implement this policy subject to subsequent approval by the membership in the event there is a specific objection by an active club member.

Section 5 - Vacancy

Any vacancy during the year will be filled by appointment of any active member by the Board of Directors. Said appointment shall serve until the next annual election.

Article 4 Membership

Section 1 - Member

A member shall be defined as anyone having an interest in radio controlled sailplane flying and who has met the qualifications prescribed in this article.

Section 2 - Active Member

A. has been accepted for membership.
B. is current in payment of club dues.
C. is current in payment of club assessments.
D. holds current AMA membership.

Section 3 - Class of Membership

A. Senior - active member 17 years of age or older.
B. Junior - active member 16 years of age or younger.
C. Family - any active member with a member or members of immediate family also being club members under his or her membership.
D. Inactive - former active member who desires this status and is granted approval by the Board of Directors. This is a non-dues-paying status.

Section 4 - New Member

Any person qualifying under Section 1 may apply for membership after complying with the following:
A. Submit an application for membership.
B. Agree that if accepted he will pay all fees for the current year.
C. Either have a current AMA membership or agree to immediately apply for AMA membership. Section 5 - Expulsion for Membership A member may be dropped from the club when in the opinion of the Board of Directors he does not continue to meet the prescribed qualifications for membership or does not adhere to club regulations.

Article 5 Meetings

Section 1 - Quorum

For the purpose of conducting club business at a regular, special or election meeting, at least 8 (eight) members must be present, defined as a quorum. For Board of Directors meetings, the President or Vice President and at least 2 (two) other officers must be present.

Section 2 - Regular Meetings

Times and places for regular meetings are to be determined by the President. Special meetings may be called for by either the President or members. Notice of regular meetings shall be mailed when possible.

Section 3 - Voting

All voting on issues involving the 2/3 vote of members present must be by closed ballot. All other issues are to be by show of hands.

Section 4 - Elections

Ballot to be included in newsletter at least two weeks before the election meeting. Persons unable to attend may return their ballots by mail.

Article 6 Dues and Assessments

Section 1 - Membership Dues

The membership dues of this club will be set by the Board of Direstors and approved by the membership at the October meeting each year. Dues are payable on December 15 of the preceding year.

Section 2 - Arrears of Dues

An active member two months in arrears of dues shall be notified by the Treasurer. This notification may be through a notice in the newsletter. If the dues are not paid by February 26th, the member may be deleted from the club membership rosters and have all club privileges forfeited.

Section 3 - Assessments

Assessments may be levied on all club members subject to a 2/3 majority vote of active members.

Article 7 Amendments

This constitution and by-laws shall not be changed or amended except as follows: A. To amend this constitution and by-laws, the amendment must be passed by a 2/3 majority vote of members present at the meeting this amendment is proposed. B. Members shall be notified of amendment changes in the newsletter at least one month in advance of voting.

Article 8 Ratification

To be ratified, this constitution and by-laws must be subject to the same conditions and requirements as an amendment above.